Redwood City Criminal Defense Attorney

Any criminal conviction, whether originally charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, will end up on your criminal record, and will show up in a background check whenever you apply for a new job, try to join a professional organization, or when you apply to rent an apartment. Keeping a charge from turning into a conviction, no matter how small that charge might seem, is vital to keeping your criminal record clean and your future open.

Criminal Offenses in California

The Law Offices of Naresh Rajan is committed to providing their clients with exceptional legal representation, no matter what the charge. The firm handles all criminal cases, including:

Penalties for criminal acts fall can vary widely, from minimal fines for the most minor misdemeanors to life imprisonment or death for the most serious offenses.

Beyond the courtrooms and prisons, criminal offenses also carry everyday life consequences, including loss of driving privileges for multiple driving offenses, loss of voting rights for felony convictions, and the permanent criminal record that can have a direct impact on your future and opportunities.

Contact a Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney in Redwood City, CA

When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it doesn’t matter how big or small the charge might seem. You need an attorney with ample experience in criminal defense, who has a strong background in criminal law, and knows how to investigate your side of the story.

California criminal defense attorney Naresh Rajan represents clients from the moment of arrest, appearing for, or with, clients in court, depending upon the seriousness of the charge and whether or not the defendant must be present. Mr. Rajan will also explain how the criminal court system works, the process you can expect to go through, and the best way to move forward in your case.

While no one can guarantee the outcome of your criminal case, Mr. Rajan will put forth every possible effort, investigating the case from your side, interviewing all known and potential witness, and fighting on your behalf throughout pretrial negotiations to try to keep your case from even making it to court. Should that fail, he will provide you with dedicated legal defense in the courtroom, so the jury hears your side of the story, and not just the prosecution’s version of the crime.